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Clean Crisp Vector Graphics From Your Bitmap Images or Hand Drawn Artwork.

JPEG to VECTOR is not a tracing application. All of our vector graphics are created by a real person, drawing in Corel Draw and are also compatable with Adobe Illustrator and other applications.

Scalable Vector Graphics are ideal for: Website Logos, Signs, T-shirts, or any application you may have where the image needs to be enlarged or resized without distortion or pixelization. That's because vector graphics are not made of pixels. Vector graphics are created from algorithms (mathematical curves), resulting in clean artwork that can easily be resized from tiny, business card size to very large outdoor signs and billboards without losing fidelity. Because of the relatively small file size, vector images can be quickly rotated or manipulated, edited and printed. Colors can be changed with a simple click and text is easily added or removed making your output a breeze.

We specialize in (not limited to) providing vector drawings and spot color separable logos for screen printers and other professionals.

With over 25 years in the screen printing industry in both screen printing and graphic design, we are able to create good, usable artwork according to your specifications. Whether you'd like a single or multi color graphic, we'll provide you with the file or files you need to output your design or logo.

Most logos can be processed in just 24 hours. Whenever possible logos may be done the same day. Sometimes a more complex design will take longer than 24 hours.

When we receive your artwork we will give you a price quote and turnaround time. Prices for the more simple designs will average $19.95 but some can be as low as $10.00.

Just send your file, whether it be a jpeg or other bitmap, scan or hand drawing (lower quality and pixelated bitmaps are not a problem). A lot of times your customer will bring you a small photo or a t-shirt, etc. imprinted with a design they want reproduced. Sometimes it will be a design that was done with dark ink on a light substrate and they want it reproduced using a light colored ink on a dark substrate (or vice-versa) without it looking like a negative. No problem. Scan it or take a digital photo of it, send it to us and what you'll get back is a quality vector graphic that you can use as is or edit according to your needs. We can add lettering, centering lines and registration marks, etc. You will get your graphic in the file format that you specify, including: (vector) CDR, AI, SVG, EPS, EMF,WMF and/or (bitmap) JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG and others. You will be able to proof the artwork before finalizing so that you can approve it or make minor changes. We will then accept full payment and complete your order and send an email with your art file attached. It's that easy.

Click the PDF icon below to see an example of the difference between a bitmap and a vector graphic.

Atlantic Before & After.pdf

You won't be getting automated tracings that result in layer upon layer of pieces grouped together and thousands of unneccesary nodes and large file sizes. Instead you will receive neat, usable artwork with smaller file sizes and the minimum number of layers and nodes. Each color will be on it's own layer so you will be able to click once to select it and easily assign a new color, etc. without the constant grouping and ungrouping that so many other services leave you stuck with.

Your artwork finished and ready for output, whether you use our service one time or again and again, you will get great vector graphics and guaranteed satisfaction!


Send your jpeg or bitmap to artdept@jpegtovector.com


Al Kent - Jpeg to Vector